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Ransomware trumps up even American President

Tuesday, 7 February 2017
Balamurugan Selvaraj

This year seems to be the most critical one ever in the tech world.

Many corporate and even some government organisations in various nations have lost their money to hackers. A few sources say around 90 per cent of money that has been stolen has been caused by ransomwares.


This is a malware created by many hackers, security researchers and cyber criminals to earn money by locking the victim’s computer files. These malwares are injected into some third party websites and apps. When the user visits these websites, it will infect his computer and lock the files in the computer’s hard drive.

To get the files back, ransomware demands the user to pay ransom.


The most crucial thing in this process is the kind of security system which the hackers use to prevent them from getting traced. But question may arise as to why can’t we find the hacker, through bank transaction? In earlier days, this might be the useful method but now, after the introduction of Bitcoins, the hackers can’t be traced. Bitcoins are used by cyber criminals, politicians and hackers across the world because of its strong encryption.


To be precise, notable attacks with ransomware alone have shaken the tech world to the maximum extent. During the inauguration of President Donald Trump, cyber criminals had infected 70 per cent of his storage devices with ransomwares which recorded the data from feds surveillance cameras of Washington DC. The pre-planned ransomware attack on a private hotel in Austria was another shot by the cyber criminals. The ransomware locked the electronic doors of that hotel, after the customers entered. The cyber criminals demanded ransom and the hotel paid to get the doors opened. In addition, the criminals also left a backdoor open on the hotel’s server to attack later. But the hotel’s IT team managed to close the backdoor soon.


These two attacks happened due to the usage of old servers and software. The sorry state now is, there is no software or programme to kill these ransomwares. But there are procedures to protect computers from these attacks. If we upgrade the firmware and other key modules regularly as soon as it is received, the possibilities of attacks are much lower. 

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