Tamilnadu govt staff set to get bonanza

Chennai: Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami today announced formation of a committee to...... Read More >>

Talk on epic character Bhishmar

Chennai: Writer P N Parasuraman will deliver a talk on epic character Bhishmar as part of '...... Read More >>

Overcoming trauma to become donor

Chennai: It is not easy to take a decision at any point in life but the most difficult must be to...... Read More >>

Aguero stars as Man City sink Monaco in thriller

Manchester: Sergio Aguero starred as Manchester City beat Monaco 5-3 in a breathless and...... Read More >>

Shooters impress new foreign rifle coach

New Delhi: They may not have been setting the stage ablaze in recent times but newly-appointed...... Read More >>



Science & Technology

IIT-Karagpur's 'steth' can prevent mining mishaps

PTI, Wednesday, 25th November 2015
Kolkata: A stethoscope-like instrument will soon be deployed in mines for predicting movement of rocks during excavation and minimise the risk of mining accidents.

Soon, type without a keyboard!

A new portable device that translates your finger movements into readable type can bring keyboard free typing closer. ... Read More >>

'Neanderthal' fossils are actually medieval human remains

New York: Neanderthal fossils, discovered in an Italian cave in the 1980s, are actually remains of medieval humans, a new research has found. The research reanalysed a tooth, which was found in a cave in northeastern Italy along with a finger bone and another tooth. ... Read More >>

Jupiter's moon Europa may support life: NASA

Washington: The ocean on Jupiter's icy moon Europa may have the Earth-like balance of chemical energy necessary for life, even if the moon lacks volcanic hydrothermal activity, a new NASA study suggests. ... Read More >>

Indians knew smallpox inoculation before Jenner invented vaccine

Union Science and Technology Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Sunday claimed that modern medicine originated in India and that Indians had practised inoculation against small pox even before the vaccine for the disease was invented by Edward Jenner. ... Read More >>

Cold beer originated 500 years ago in caves

Washington: The origin of cold-adapted yeast used for millennia to make one of the most widely consumed beverage - the lager beer - has been traced to 500-year-old caves in South America. ... Read More >>

FB for getting Net neutrality right in India

New York: Social media giant Facebook has said it’s important to get the debate on Net neutrality “right” in India as the country is home to the world’s largest population of the “unconnected ... Read More >>

MIT research can help design sleep drugs

Washington: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists have identified a brain circuit that can trigger small regions of the brain to fall asleep even while the rest of the brain remains awake, which explains why we sometimes ‘zone out’. ... Read More >>

E-cigs heavily marketed on Twitter: study

E-cigarettes are commonly advertised on Twitter, according to a new study which warns that marketing of e-cigs on social media platforms may entice non-smokers to experiment with the battery-powered vaporisers. ... Read More >>

Artificial blood substitute developed

Scientists have created an artificial blood substitute with a protein extracted from marine worms, rather than based on synthetic hemoglobins. ... Read More >>


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