Tamilnadu govt staff set to get bonanza

Chennai: Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami today announced formation of a committee to...... Read More >>

Talk on epic character Bhishmar

Chennai: Writer P N Parasuraman will deliver a talk on epic character Bhishmar as part of '...... Read More >>

Overcoming trauma to become donor

Chennai: It is not easy to take a decision at any point in life but the most difficult must be to...... Read More >>

Aguero stars as Man City sink Monaco in thriller

Manchester: Sergio Aguero starred as Manchester City beat Monaco 5-3 in a breathless and...... Read More >>

Shooters impress new foreign rifle coach

New Delhi: They may not have been setting the stage ablaze in recent times but newly-appointed...... Read More >>



Science & Technology

World's smallest diamonds make wires 3 atoms wide

PTI, Tuesday, 27th December 2016
Boston: Scientists have used the smallest possible bits of diamonds to assemble electrical wires just three atoms wide, an advance that could pave the way for fabrics that generate electricity.

New diaper alerts caregivers when it's wet

Tokyo: Scientists in Japan have developed a new urine-powered sensor that can alert caregivers when a diaper is wet and ready to be changed. ... Read More >>

Babies born from three parents approved in UK

London: The first 'three-parent' babies could be born in the UK next year after the country's fertility regulator - in a historic decision - has given the controversial new technique the final go-ahead.... Read More >>

Women, men see faces differently: Study

London: Women and men look at faces and absorb visual information in different ways, according to a new study which suggests that there is a gender difference in understanding visual cues. ... Read More >>

Mexican kid designs bullet-proof backpack

Mexico City: An 11-year-old Mexican boy who lives in a northern city plagued by drug violence and shootouts has designed a bullet-proof backpack with a GPS tracker and an alarm system. ... Read More >>

NASA probe to fly closest to Saturn's rings

Washington: NASA's Cassini spacecraft is set to begin a thrilling ride around Saturn, grazing past its outer rings to provide the closest-ever insight into the planet's features. ... Read More >>

Water exists even in deep Earth, finds study

Washington: Water exists far deeper in the Earth - about 400 to 600 km into the mantle - than previously believed, researchers, including one of Indian origin, have found.     ... Read More >>

Soon, smartphones may be charged in seconds

Washington: You could soon charge your smartphones within seconds, thanks to scientists, including one of Indian origin, who have developed new flexible supercapacitors that can be recharged more than 30,000 times without degrading. ... Read More >>

New tool to help fight antibiotic resistance

London: Scientists, including one of Indian origin, are developing a new device that can quickly identify bacterial infections, an advance that may help fight antibiotic resistance by reducing unnecessary prescription of drugs. ... Read More >>

Asteroid to make close pass by Earth

Washington: An asteroid the size of a football field is about to make a close pass by Earth but is not expected to hit or cause any damage, NASA said today. ... Read More >>


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