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Readers Mail

Protecting them young


India is sadly the home to the largest number of child labourers in the world. Poverty and lack of social security are the main causes of child labour. The increasing gap between the rich and the poor, privatisation of basic services and the neo-liberal economic policies are causes major sections of the population out of employment and without basic needs. This adversely affects children more than any other group. Entry of multi-national corporations into industry without proper mechanisms to hold them accountable has lead to the use of child labour. Lack of quality universal education has also contributed to children dropping out of school and entering the labour force. A major concern is that the actual number of child labourers goes un-detected. Laws that are meant to protect children from hazardous labour are ineffective and not implemented correctly.

A growing phenomenon is using children as domestic workers in urban areas. The conditions in which children work is completely unregulated and they are often made to work without food, and very low wages, resembling situations of slavery. There are cases of physical, sexual and emotional abuse of child domestic workers. The argument for domestic work is often that families have placed their children in these homes for care and employment.


William -

How Black is our money?

Narendra Modi latched onto the controversial 'all clear' given to Congress politicians allegedly involved in the Adarsh housing scam to tear into Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for casting himself as an anti-corruption warrior, calling it an unparalleled example of audacity.

Modi has said the clean chit to the biggies in Maharashtra Congress had exposed Rahul's anti-corruption intent as a mere ploy.

Referring to the Congress vice-president's speech at a meeting in Delhi, the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate said that the Congress leader left him befuddled.

He belongs to a party which is neck-deep in corruption.

But he spoke with such an innocent demeanor that it appeared he belonged to a different party.

It was an unparalleled example of audacity.

Look at the paradox. He was speaking of corruption just after the Congress government had tried to bury the Adarsh scam.

Narendra Modi has urged the people to free India from the clutches of the Congress to resolve the problems plaguing the country.

It is shamelessly, on Rahul to speak about corruption as he and his whole family is into it big time.

His family is totally drowned and are intoxicated. It is surprisingly why no one is questioning Robert Wadhra or Rahul and Sonia about it.

Can a fool be convinced that all the multi-billion Rupees scams happened without the knowledge of Rahul and Sonia and they did not get a rupee from the looted booty?

Mere talk about corruption and black money will not cool down the anger that has mounted on the citizens of India.

Modi must promise that if he becomes next Prime Minister all efforts will be made to bring back the black money and culprits will be punished with in time period.


By email
Rajesh -

Show of might

India's first indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant will finally head for the open seas for extensive trials, which will include firing of its nuclear-tipped K-15 ballistic missiles, around February-March next year.

Though long in the making, considering that India's first thought of building a nuclear submarine started way back in 1970, the sea trials of INS Arihant will mark a critical milestone towards giving some much-needed credible teeth to the country's strategic deterrence posture.

This is good news indeed. We live surrounded by dangerous neighbourhood,  comprising of China and Pakistan, and we need to be well prepared on the ground, air and sea. As times goes such things become the need of the hour. We need to have a strong defense to take care of our coastal borders and protect if form enemy fishing bats and other floating armories.

At this rate we will soon have nuclear ballistic missile submarines operative at the earliest. If politicians were 10 per cent more cleaner, India would have become a super power 20 years ago. Given the limited resources and permissions, what we have done is commendable.

Jagan -

Fight for right

BJP found an unlikely ally in Union Minister Shashi Tharoor's wife, Sunanda Pushkar, who supported the saffron party's contention that Article 370 required a rethink. She tweeted that Article 370 was totally unfair right now. Narendra Modi stirred the hornet's nest recently when he said that there must be some evaluation to see how much J&K had benefited by the imposition of Article 370.
This lady is speaking sense. We surely need to have a re-look at Article 370. The brilliance of Modi is in raising issues which were brushed under the carpet by ruling class all the time. It is Modi who has raised a point which affects everyone. In addition J&k has high education and low employment for youth. Debate will demonstrate weakness of the status and immoral acts of politicians. The palpable fear of congress on Modi is because he will make the present ruling class irrelevant. This Article 370 is the only link between India and Kashmir. If this is taken out then Kashmir will get its freedom. I hope BJP does it rather than fooling people around.


Sanjana -

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