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Point Blank

Futile flashback

No doubt, as CAG, Vinod Rai’s staggering estimated loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crores stumped the nation and put spectrum at the top of the heap of the sackful of scandals that marked Singh’s sleazy sojourn in power. But are we surprised by his recent ‘revelation’ that the ‘PM kept quiet even as the 2G scam unfolded?’

Let me quote, in those very words, coincidentally, from these columns written in 2011 on a scam that was enacted live, its roots and the honest, honourable humbug who made it happen.

Singh’s sorry song, Feb

Eavesdropper’s evenings

I am not an early riser. The sun always beats me at it. So, morning walks are a non-starter. But I do walk into the sun-sets, not just to bid goodbye to the sustainer of life on earth, whom I failed to welcome, but also to keep fit. And also because evening walks are entertaining and even enligh... Read More >>

There is always time for this one

I was born in 1964 and so were many of my childhood mates. How do friends and our families, near and dear of all ages and sizes, celebrate the golden jubilee, which of course is a gift of God and by no means ‘our’ achievement? There has to be fun and fellowship; ‘kick’ and kummalam; head... Read More >>

Yudhish-Yodhanas, all

Truth and beauty, nay everything in this world and beyond, are in the eye of the beholder. To the fickle human mind perception is reality. Dwaraka, in Yudishtra’s view, was heaven on earth; Dhuryodhana however saw only evil and misery. Their cut and dried distinctive outlooks also reflected th... Read More >>

Diktats of the decade

Talk Media completes ten years this August. A decade may mean nothing in the vast realms of time, but for Talk it signifies a long and meaningful chat with the readers. I say ‘chat’ despite print being a one-way communication media because we believe you, the reader and resident of various l... Read More >>

Life and liability

The judicial verdict on the Kumbakonam school fire tragedy that snuffed out 94 budding lives in July 2004 raises more questions than it answers. They range from the mundane and material to the metaphysical and beg to be addressed by more than just the judiciary.

...

Contempt of people’s court

Paradoxically, the judiciary has landed itself in the dock. The sickening slanging spree in its higher echelons and exposure of its dark political underbelly stemmed from its own ranks. Now, it is not just about some ex-judges and their past acts. The question naturally arises on what skeletons ... Read More >>

Veshtied interests

At first sights it seemed silly why everyone got so worked up over the dhoti issue. But since everyone is so worked up, there must surely be something behind all that silliness. After all, the matter has dogged the judiciary and legislature and bogged down the media for close to a week. Above al... Read More >>

Unreal Estates

It has been top national news on all media for a week now, a record, albeit unpleasant, of sorts, for a Chennai ‘story’. The 11-storeyed housing complex, Faith -- and what an irony -- came crashing down last Saturday in seconds, but the tragedy is unfolding by the hour and dragging on for da... Read More >>

Saddening self-goals

Everyone comes with an expiry date. But unlike man-made packaged stuff, the Ultimate-Maker-made human body does not bear any warning of its exit time. This glorious uncertainty encourages a delusion of immortality, an assumed assurance of seeing as many daylights as is ‘humanly’ possible and... Read More >>


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