Tamilnadu govt staff set to get bonanza

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Talk on epic character Bhishmar

Chennai: Writer P N Parasuraman will deliver a talk on epic character Bhishmar as part of '...... Read More >>

Overcoming trauma to become donor

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Aguero stars as Man City sink Monaco in thriller

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Shooters impress new foreign rifle coach

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Point Blank

MSV: My Soul’s Vibes

Some things are intensely personal. Music is such. Almost everyone loves music but the reasons you love it are your own. It is as if you dip into a community pond to scoop out your special share which you deem distinct. Any way, that’s how I justify my ‘exclusive’ bond with my favourites who all just ‘happen’ to be in public domain!


Train of thoughts

Metro Rail is certainly a matter for great celebration for Chennaiites. But Metro Rail is also a miserable metaphor for the laggard, leisurely, laboured pace at which our cherished city is struggling to become a real, well, metro. As we rejoice at the latest locomotive landmark, we can’t also ... Read More >>

Nation’s golden hour

The people of the country should compulsorily have three photographs in their purse, pocket or pet gadget. No, not of revered ones like Sri Krishna, Shiva or Saibaba. Neither that of stars like Kamal, Katrina or Kohli. I suggest snaps of Sonia, Signor Rahul and MSingh. Here’s a snap shot on wh... Read More >>

Indian plague league

Anything in excess is poison. Cinema and cricket are always prime candidates. The game of bat vs ball, particularly, has now overshot all normal boundaries, thanks to IPL and courtesy its opening player, Lalit Modi. In just a few years, this contagious mental virus has seeped deep into the psych... Read More >>

Fast and spurious

Very shocking and sickening indeed. The dangerous lead levels in noodles? No! The sudden, simulated rage as if the whole thing was tainted only the day-before-yesterday! Well, that surely is.


...

The force of farce

At times the world around seems false or falling apart. And then the realisation dawns albeit fleetingly that it is our own world view, not the world, that needs tinkering. Our perceptions dictated by the senses don’t change what exists or happens beyond our skin. The closing of a window does ... Read More >>

Much ado about nothing?

There was something else of importance I wanted to write about this week, but it just slipped my mind. Curse the jolted jelly in my head! Can’t trust those gray cells anymore. 


...

A State’s wittypedia

Name: TN alias Tinsel Nadu.


Description: A perennially house-full theatre of all possible absurdities.


Guiding Philosophy: Reel is real. Screen shadows are sakshat substance. Life imitates artists. Celluloid pervades all aspects from politics to social mores... Read More >>

Hung Judiciary

   Can anyone figure out what’s happening in J’s disproportionate assets case? Laymen and lawmen alike are clueless in this slushy, sinister and inscrutable legal quagmire. Sadly, the judiciary has itself to blame for getting tied up in knots in public.


...

Beware of bodyshoppers

The politico is the new killer of the tiller. It has always been the case indirectly, but for the first time the scene of crime has political fingerprints all over it. What a morbid irony that a protest to protect the farmer should end up prying out his life! Distressed by debt and crop damage, ... Read More >>


Today's E-Paper


Is Alagiri meeting Karunanidhi a good sign?