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Point Blank

Snakes and Leaders

As I write, the serpent planets Rahu and Ketu are shifting houses. Though shadows of Earth and Moon, their movement, which is only in the reverse unlike other grahas, is of great astrological importance, like all others. In a State where religion and rationalism merge, Jan 8 is virtually deemed D-day, decision day, deliverance day, and even a dreadful day, by many. But, our concern is politicos who can either heal or seal our fate.  So, let’s shadow the snakes and leaders:


2016: Year of India

Fortune  magazine in an article entitled ‘The Last BRIC standing’ has this to say: Under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, India is doing what its once-celebrated cohorts in the emerging-markets bloc can no longer seem to do: emerge.


...

Flood of thoughts

In a full year of events just December dominates, with the rest eleven evaporating into oblivion.  The lasting, lingering memory of 2015 would be the devastating deluge. Now, how can a committed column not take the easy way out by resorting to some wet cliches and rhetoric to highlight all happ... Read More >>

Drowned but not out

There is very little to add to what is not already in public space and private thoughts. Your experience is our experience. Your sorrows and nightmares are ours too. Indeed, the havoc has touched and tormented every heart and home. 


...

Intolerance inverted

Not just Mrs and Mr Aamir Khan, but a whole lot of Indians (and a foreigner-family) have reason to feel insecure and/or leave India. Here is a roll call of a few players in the tolerance-intolerance roulette:


Nitish Kumar and Lalu: Just a few months back the two could not stan... Read More >>

Flood and blood

The weekend beginning Friday the 13th of Nov was very ominous for both Chennai and Paris as floods ravaged the former and much blood spilled in the latter. But many other things were common between the two distressed, distant lands.


History forgotten:


...

Spot the Narakasura

Lord Brahma has this bad habit. Often, he tends to lose his head, all four heads rather, when tapped for boons by a devious demon dazzling him with die-hard devotion. Armed thus, the demon then goes about tormenting the devas, sages, commonfolk and finally L. Brahma Himself. And when tipping poi... Read More >>

My ‘moo’sings

It all boils down to beef now. Like a cow tethered to a tree all debate revolve around just this one issue. Every other happening, from Bihar polls to SC verdicts to the economy either gets run over by cattle or is consumed by cattletalk. Beef has become the staple diet for the hungering ‘inte... Read More >>

Strike force hero

To hell with Senas and Sahityas. Sehwag is the one on my mind today. To place him in current context, he tarred many opponents with his willow than the Sainiks did with their ink and wrote lasting cricketing lores than what those literary luminaries achieved with their pens.


...

Many happy returns

The liberal onslaught does not seem to abate. Despite Senas obliging them with sumptuous stuff, the appetite of this starved crowd of intellectuals with their manufactured outrage is getting insatiable by the day. 


...


Today's E-Paper


Is Alagiri meeting Karunanidhi a good sign?