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Point Blank

Kazhagam Inc.

The main Dravidian parties may be many things. But they are certainly not ancient or outdated.


No doubt, K, now seven short of century, has been alternating as CM since when I was five and looms as a prospect into my fifty. Stalin, sixty plus, with forty- five odd years of politics behind him is still a youthful aspirant. J became CM a year before my daughter was born and she, J at 67 is front runner (?) as she, my daughter, not J, is well into her PG. For decades the two key kazhagams have been the only choices. Yes, in such a case they should be deemed redundant.

Trends in TipplerNadu

I feel all tipsy. No, I did not visit the spiritual, pardon, spirited tourist spots of our towns here, namely, Tasmac. Blame it rather on the topsy-turvy twists and turns of TN’s tinsel politics. Now if your head doesn’t spin at the tamashas in this theater, then it is your sobriety that is ... Read More >>

Buses and misses

In tune with TN’s tested tradition I turn to tinsel town this week too. 12 B, as all true Tamilians groomed in pristine celluloid culture know, is a movie on alternate realities with twin plots.


If the hero gets into the aforesaid bus, a story unwinds. If he doesn’t anothe... Read More >>

Poll for-‘caste’

The familiar formula is back in fashion. Not that it ever was off vogue, but poll time is when it bares its fangs and rears its venom-spewing head most. Casteism, particularly in TN, is a generational curse. However, while displaying its ugliest face this week it also unmasked all the political ... Read More >>

Captain’s Knock

Henceforth let’s also address him as Captain in sync with this sinking State’s fetish for titles.


Ignoring such ‘hard-earned’ prefixes and suffixes is akin to political blasphemy here. The leaders love them, coteries spread them, the cadres get inspired by them and the... Read More >>

Sri Lankan soccer

This game has restarted even before the election whistle was sounded. But in contrast to what the title suggests, this is rarely played in that idyllic and aptly tear-shaped island, but in TN, a bomb’s throw or gunshot hearing distance away. A parallel arena is Indian judiciary.


...

Nobody’s nation?

The activists who called for the break-up of India and glorified terrorist Afzal Guru lay claim to a different idea of nationhood. Indeed we are curious!


Now, what is that very different idea that strangely applies only to India? And only in convenient times? And something onl... Read More >>

Bad company

Of all activisms, Left activism is the most pointless. Every other agitation may have some purpose or rationale, but the Red flag has never heralded anything of worth. Even the changes or ‘revolutions’ credited to it in various countries have eventually collapsed or ended in chaos. Communism... Read More >>

Start game: Love all

St Valentine’s caricatured face can’t be even remotely related to romance. The legend is even hazy, but it has stuck and even spread to these parts. But I am invoking him now only as a metaphor of the times, just in case some sena misunderstands me. Ink on my facade would spoil my chances on... Read More >>

Beware of vulture culture

Nothing brings alive an opposition Indian politico as a corpse does. Though any dead person can be resurrected for political points, those from minorities or depressed classes top the charts as ripe for picking. Our secular and social milieu ordains thus.



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