Tamilnadu govt staff set to get bonanza

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Talk on epic character Bhishmar

Chennai: Writer P N Parasuraman will deliver a talk on epic character Bhishmar as part of '...... Read More >>

Overcoming trauma to become donor

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Aguero stars as Man City sink Monaco in thriller

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Shooters impress new foreign rifle coach

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Point Blank

Downsides of Start-ups

There is much buzz around the Central Government’s ‘StartUp India’ initiative aimed at promoting tech driven innovation. All the Union Ministers at a conference I attended recently saw start-ups as harbingers of the Digital Revolution round the corner and the resultant e-commerce cascade set to inundate the nation. All very lofty and laudable indeed.


Time a Dozen!

There are occasions when pride is a legitimate emotion. We at Talk Media are truly elated that with last week we completed a dozen years of eventful and exciting ride as a corporate entity. What began with a single Talk --- T Nagar Talk --- has now grown and galloped to 20 Talks covering the loo... Read More >>

The Song Supreme

An invite from Chinmaya Mission for a five-day programme on Bhagavad Gita kindled my spirit. If this profound document can do this to a lay, spiritual ignoramus like me, small wonder it has provoked the imagination, intellect and inquisitive instincts of more enlightened and kindred souls over m... Read More >>

It’s cinemada!

1979 was a landmark for me. In my mid-teens, I viewed fifty movies in theatres that year. It was a ‘record’ that I reached by watching five in the last five days of Dec. I can recall every movie and even the date I saw it, which was often the first day. The point I am trying to prove is I am... Read More >>

Dear dads...

The idea is not to ignore the feelings of mothers or belittle their role. The pangs, pleasures and pains that parenting presents are shared. This is just a male perspective of a father’s relationship with daughters. Call it a personal point of view.


...

Pointless & Blank, but Back

Three weeks of self-imposed abstinance from an addiction, which is what this space of ‘mine’ is to me, was most painful. Nothing hurts a regular writer, be he mediocre or even of meagre merit, than not being able to write. And worse is the frightening prospect of frequent relapses.

...

Forgettable finale

Now that it’s all done and dusted at the hustings, the time is ripe for a threadbare analysis of the recent TN polls. There is something very important I wanted to comment on right at the outset, but well, I have forgotten what. I am sure I will remember during the course of my very discerning... Read More >>

No choice, only noise, but please voice

It is a tough election for voters. A mundane multi-cornered contest has mingled with a mind-numbing multi-media slug-fest. A light vein is needed to take the ongoing de’mock’ratic tamasha seriously. Small wonder comedians and caricatures are invoked more than Kamaraj, Anna or MGR. But vote, ... Read More >>

Fool-filled promises

This being poll time, April 1 was not just all fools day but heralded a full fooling season. All through this month and a good part of next, we are condemned to remain helpless fools as rambling politicos and a range of parties get into rabble-rousing mode. A few random sample... Read More >>

A real ‘ill’-usion

Let us face the truth squarely, rather, triangularly. The three main contestants to the CM post are visibly sick. The incumbent has to be propped every few paces, her opponent needs to be pushed around and the third can’t do without a prompter/ interpreter. But first, is it right to discuss a ... Read More >>


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