Tamilnadu govt staff set to get bonanza

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Talk on epic character Bhishmar

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Overcoming trauma to become donor

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Aguero stars as Man City sink Monaco in thriller

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Shooters impress new foreign rifle coach

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Point Blank

‘Power of Attorney’ politics

Rational TN can stump lawmen and laymen alike. The happenings here have always been high on absurd theatrics and can easily carry away and confound even the sanest of minds in an emotional sweep. The current scenario is just old wine adulterated by a Midas touch, in fresh disposable plastic crush cups.


Good riddance; great escape

The Supreme Court with just a stroke of the pen has incidentally called off a supreme calamity that was staring TN in the face. The conviction of CM wannabe and udan pirava sahodhari (UPS) of late, lamented J, along with J herself and two of the UPS clan, has saved the State, its people, the tre... Read More >>

Inauspicious Tidings

It seems to be time for all good, bad and ugly men and women to come to the aid of the party. The provocation for this rising din of unified voices from manifold walks of TN life is the disturbing rise of one of the most hated characters in recent political history. Never has the mood of multitu... Read More >>

‘Kaalai’ Vanakkam

This moment and movement belong to the young who are inhaling the fresh, free air of post-J TN for the first time. No one asked them to; they just did. Conspiracy theories of agent provocateurs are passe; the tsunami that is hitting Marina and beyond is so strong and spontaneous that it has eve... Read More >>

Will New Year be really new?

When a new day dawns Jan 1, the calendar flips to a fresh year. Though a speck in the endless expanses of time a year is still a long period in the short span of mortal existence. Our minds are tuned to such milestones.


The mental vision is vitiated further when viewed through... Read More >>

Breaking yawn

At last the time of awakening for Rip Van Winkle alias Centre appears to have arrived. No, I am not talking of the elusive acknowledgement let alone redress of the post demonetisation goof-ups. My concern is over our own turf, namely TN, perennially down, and under water, wind, wasted decades an... Read More >>


I can reminisce on her only through the prism of my experiences, personal and professional. My encounters with her for over thirty-plus years, first as TRR’s son during my teens and later as Editor of


News Today, will forever remain etched in my psyche. (Refer my short obit ... Read More >>

Notable notes

I do not want to fire a blank to make a point, this week too. If I do, what is the difference between me and the elusive new 500 note? The job of a journo is to write, note or no note!


...

Where are the new 500 rupee notes?











...the ‘printed’ stuff just did a vanishing act!




...

Personal pain, national gain

By now, either our cash woes would have abated a little or we would have got used to them. There is no doubt that ordinary, honest citizens, small businesses, agriculturists, etc have been hit hard by the Midnight Modi Missile launched without warning. Rs 500 notes, if not Rs 1000 ones, are the ... Read More >>


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Is Alagiri meeting Karunanidhi a good sign?