Tamilnadu govt staff set to get bonanza

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Talk on epic character Bhishmar

Chennai: Writer P N Parasuraman will deliver a talk on epic character Bhishmar as part of '...... Read More >>

Overcoming trauma to become donor

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Aguero stars as Man City sink Monaco in thriller

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Shooters impress new foreign rifle coach

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Cranks Corner

Vishal overcome!


While the rest of India is discussing the Bihar elections, we in Tamil Nadu, who always have our priorities right, are debating the all-important polls to the Nadigar Sangam (Nadigar Sangam in English), which is widely accepted as the apex body of actors due to two facts 1) its words are taken as final in industry-related issues.  2) There is no other actors’ union. 


Grand Slam at Grand Chola

The World Bridge Championships is currently on in Chennai, and I suggest that you drop in this weekend if you are looking for some sporty good fun for around 4 to 5 minutes after which you will mostly fall asleep.  


...

Let’s StartApp!

Fully-realised sages and philosophers, after years and years of intense meditation at high mountains, have revealed to us that money is not everything in life. But those living in hilly forests amidst wild animals which don’t understand money, couldn’t be expected to say anything else. On th... Read More >>

Dial M for Mobiles

We think the time has come for us to tackle, head on, the searing Sartrean existential crisis staring at humanity today, the moral quandary gripping our entire civilization like never before, the one that both technologists and philosophers agree has no real right answers, a query so deep and de... Read More >>

Writing the Wrongs

Today’s journalism lesson is how to write crime reports in newspaper:


Right off the bat, it should be said that crime reports in news publications are extremely important in that they are actually read.  Whereas no one has ever managed to --- this includes the journalists c... Read More >>

The Financial Expert

I don’t know about you, but whenever I read news items that report that such and such billionaire had his entire wealth scraped down by, say, 14% due to the crash in the stock market, as a sensible and sensitive bloke, I instantly become sad that the bugger was worth so much in the first place... Read More >>

Murder, we wrote

In the last couple of days, even if the Pakistan army had infiltrated into India, right up to Connaught Place, New Delhi or if Usain Bolt had been roped in by a Tamil film producer to be the guest of honour for an audio launch or if Parliament reconvened and went about its business without any h... Read More >>

MAC and the Marina

On the week of its ‘birthday’, it is tempting to wonder how Chennai would have looked like 376 years ago.  Well, obviously, it must have been rough, dusty and unpaved. Now, thanks to centuries of concerted development, the picture is totally other way round: It is unpaved, dusty and rough. ... Read More >>

Missing man of Madras



Sorry. But that was the sustained sound of those of us in the Chennai media uncontrollably wetting our collective pants in the immediate aftermath of the news of Sundar Pichai being elevated as the CEO of Google this week. And if and when he actu... Read More >>

Tres bien, TASMAC

If the ongoing State-wide protests for total prohibition succeed… it would obviously mean the end of liquor in Tamil Nadu, no? No. It would even more obviously mean the end of Tamil films. 

Seriously, no one seems more addicted to the TASMAC bars than Tamil filmmakers. I don’t mean ... Read More >>


Today's E-Paper


Is Alagiri meeting Karunanidhi a good sign?