Tamilnadu govt staff set to get bonanza

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Talk on epic character Bhishmar

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Overcoming trauma to become donor

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Point Blank

All shell, no soul

A recent visitor to the TMC headquarters in Chennai informs me of the uneasy calm that prevails there. The atmosphere at the Sathyamurthy Bhavan is anything but euphoric,despite the party alliance with the DMK continuing. But I am sure that precisely is the reason for the sense of gloom that has gripped the TMC camp.


A naked nation

The forthcoming battle at the hustings is no Mahabaratha nor is India a Kurukshetra. There are no Pandavas though there is no dearth of Kauravas. The 1998 polls promises to be anything but a Dharmayudh, devoid of values or principles with the warring groups setting their sights on power and powe... Read More >>

Kumaramangalam's coup

That Congress is a sinking ship and is a fit case for desertion would be stating the obvious. Though, the exodus from this party of yore on a daily basis is a recent phenomenon, the erosion in its popular appeal had started long back. Having lost its stability slogan to the BJP and with too many... Read More >>

The great gamblers

Rationalists should forgive me, but the temptation to delve into mythology is so overpowering. Not that the rationalists? own world is devoid of myths, rather their very ideology itself is one.

It is just that the votaries of the DMK brand of Dravidianism have always deemed the two epics... Read More >>

Time for prohibition

THE GREAT INDIAN CIRCUS They have never been found wanting in explanations and slogans. The masters in the art of deceptive rhetoric that they are, the DMK chief and his band of rationalists do not miss an opportunity to pull the wool over the eyes of the people. But the people, we understand n... Read More >>

Hamlet reincarnate

There could be little doubt that the TMC is the modern version of Hamlet. The party should really opt for the bust of the Danish prince as its mascot. There is of course a difference; the legendary hero was faced with just two choices but Moopanar?s party seems to be always confronted with sever... Read More >>

Just fooling around

The All fools Day apparently went off peacefully with no noteworthy incidents of fooling. Truly, with the people getting fooled by the slick, street-smart politicians round the year, there is really nothing sanctimonious about April 1.

...

Hamlet decides, but...

A toffee advertisement on the small screen depicting an argument between two tastes would aptly reflect the goings-on in the TMC, And even as a similar but funnier argument rages in the TMC, the party has taken the easy way out by skipping the vital issue of merger with the parent party, for the... Read More >>

Why this eyewash?

It looks as if the life disposal squad had been working overtime ever since the interim report exploded in the face of the UF government. If the final report lacks the fire and verve of the interim report, it is primarily because Jain had said much in the interim report itself which had woken up... Read More >>

In tune with the times for the eyes (and nose) of veerappan only

Respected, revered, feared...and tired Veerappanji,

Having come to learn through my media peers that you are on the lookout for Editors to negotiate surrenders and amnesty, besides securing for your bad self sorry, good self, a safe abode and guaranteed sumptuous meals for self and gan... Read More >>


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